• 書  號: 61002

    I S B N: 9789862179963

    出 版 社: 龍騰文化

    執照號碼: 108121

    執照期限: 自發照之日起算,至該科目新課程實施之前一日止。(教育部公告)

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L1 The Heart of a Champion

L2 My Mouth's in Airplane Mode!

L3 Mammon and the Archer

R1 How Do You Take Your Tea, High or Low?

L4 Malala: Stronger Than Violence

L5 Walt Disney's Inspirational Message: Dare to Dream

L6 No Wonder He's Special

R2 Note How to Really Learn

L7 TED Talks: Spreading Ideas for a Better World

L8 Ban-Doh: The Most Authentic Taiwanese Eating Experience

L9 The Story behind Eponyms

R3 Living above the Earth— and Beyond


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