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    I S B N: 9789865190873

    出 版 社: 龍騰文化

    執照號碼: 109109

    執照期限: 自發照之日起算,至該科目新課程實施之前一日止。(教育部公告)

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L1 The Lady or the Tiger?

L2 Boat Schools: Making Waves in Education

L3 Progress and Preservation: Striking a Balance

R1 Grasse: The Perfume Capital of the World

L4 Living under Nature's Wing

L5 Irena Sendler: A Holocaust Hero

L6 Dabbawalas: Door-to-Door Meal Delivery in Mumbai

R2 Watch Out! Danger Ahead on the Information Superhighway

L7 Iceland's Road to Gender Equality

L8 Too Much of a Good Thing—Overtourism in Barcelona

L9 To Kill a Mockingbird

R3 Marathons: Going the Extra Mile


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