鄭翔嬬,Michael McCollister
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★ 學測五大閱讀題組彙整,克漏字、閱讀測驗一次練好

★ 納入最新混合題型,含圖文轉換、詞類變化、多選題


Unit 1 Food

綜合測驗(A) Famous Foods
綜合測驗(B) Healthy Diets
文意選填 Food Production
篇章結構 History of a Food
閱讀測驗 Food Shortage
混合題 Exotic Food

Unit 2 Sports and Exercise

綜合測驗(A) Sports and Exercise
綜合測驗(B) Extreme Sports
文意選填 Sports Fans
篇章結構 Athletes
閱讀測驗 Sports Events
混合題 All Kinds of Sports–Golf

Unit 3 Daily Routines

綜合測驗(A) Different Lifestyles
綜合測驗(B) Different Jobs
文意選填 Online Shopping
篇章結構 Daily Routines
閱讀測驗 Spending Habits
混合題 Different Jobs–Job Fair

Unit 4 People

綜合測驗(A) Characters and Personalities
綜合測驗(B) Aboriginal People
文意選填 Inspirational People
篇章結構 People-Activist
閱讀測驗 Interpersonal Relationships
混合題 Celebrities

Unit 5 Animals or Plants

綜合測驗(A) Special Animals
綜合測驗(B) Gardening
文意選填 Mythical Creatures
篇章結構 Zoos
閱讀測驗 Insects
混合題 Botanic Gardens and Wildlife

Unit 6 Places

綜合測驗(A) Tourist Attractions–Outer Space
綜合測驗(B) Travel and Tourism
文意選填 Tourist Attractions
篇章結構 Tourism and Scenic Spots
閱讀測驗 Countries
混合題 Cities

Unit 7 Language and Learning

綜合測驗(A) Translation
綜合測驗(B) Overseas Studies
文意選填 Working Holiday
篇章結構 Learning Strategies
閱讀測驗 Self-learning
混合題 Cram Schools

Unit 8 Culture and Art
綜合測驗(A) Cultural Practices Taboos
綜合測驗(B) Culture Shock
文意選填 Literature
篇章結構 Christmas Traditions
閱讀測驗 Wedding Traditions
混合題 Cultural Differences

Unit 9 Special Events
綜合測驗(A) Spring Break
綜合測驗(B) Oktoberfest
文意選填 Gap Years
篇章結構 Important Events
閱讀測驗 Holi
混合題 Important Discoveries: Coca Cola

Unit 10 Environment

綜合測驗(A) Eco-friendly Lifestyle
綜合測驗(B) Face Mask
文意選填 The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
篇章結構 Earth Day
閱讀測驗 Food Delivery Services
混合題 Eco-Tours

Unit 11 Health and Medicine
綜合測驗(A) How to Stay Healthy
綜合測驗(B) Aging Problems and Operations
文意選填 Illness: Insomnia
篇章結構 Epidemics: SARS
閱讀測驗 Illnesses and Treatments
混合題 Three Beliefs of the Wellness Approach 

Unit 12 Science and Technology
綜合測驗(A) Instagram
綜合測驗(B) Modern Inventions: Gogoro
文意選填 Cyberbullying
篇章結構 New Scientific Concepts: Cryonics
閱讀測驗 The Dangers of Self-diagnosis
混合題 Worst Inventions


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